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'Thankfully, my daughter never found out,' she says.'Especially as he turned out to be 19, not 27 as I'd thought.'I've had dates with older men who never asked me a single question about myself.One spent the entire evening talking about his prostate.' But Wendy did meet one older man she liked - 63-year-old Raymond, whom she met last summer through a singles group she runs in North London.She agreed to a long weekend together in Italy after their initial few dates went well.'My stipulation was separate rooms, as nothing had happened between us and I wasn't sure what would,' she says. Older men think they have to compete, so need to be fairly confident to approach me.

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For not only does Wendy have a penchant for seducing toyboys, she has also publicly bragged of her adventures in books and an online blog.'I also have my best conversations with younger men because they are actually interested in me, whereas older men have been programmed to think they have more value than women.'Modern-day equality didn't exist when men of my age were learning about the world.Wendy is unequivocal: 'Older men, who are mostly divorced, have hair flowering out of their nose and ears, paunches, bad clothes and bad shoes.

These are wealthy men, but I've seen better dressed tramps.

'Every evening we had great conversation - but then he went to his room and I went to mine. He did kiss me on the last day - but it was awkward and we never went out again.' The outcome made Wendy decide to stick to toyboys in future - and since last summer she has been doing exactly that. It's not just physical.' Sex is, however, a crucial part of the relationships. 'And sex is actually very good for you.' Even without a big age gap, many women feel self-conscious about men seeing them naked - but Wendy is oblivious to such concerns.

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