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The places of worship overflow with people dressed in their new Easter clothes.Bells ring from cathedrals and stirring hymns fill the air to inspire and uplift the worshipers.The project will also investigate the trans-generational effects of the modified stress environment experienced in captivity.Easter, Halloween, and Christmas observances are among the most commonly observed religious and secular holidays that many people believe are a part of the worship system of God; however, basic research into the origin of these holidays shows them to be unacceptable to God the Father and Jesus Christ.Using a combination of experiments and modelling, the project will address this gap in understanding mammalian sex allocation, by specifically examining 1) the lack of known mechanism; 2) connections between proximate mechanistic explanation and adaptive fitness explanations; and 3) knowledge on constraints.The project proposes that one mechanism, pre-implantation glucose levels, links adaptive hypotheses with proximate causation.Feral horses are considered a serious threat to Australian alpine ecosystems due to their large size and selective grazing.

In China, at this hour, dyed or painted eggs are used on sacred festivals, even as in this country [England].Ministers and priests announce the resurrection of Jesus Christ with great acclaim and joy.And, after the religious rites are over, the children are treated to an Easter egg hunt.This project aims to develop a local population estimation technique by censusing 3 feral horse populations and determining the accuracy of various population density estimation methods.

This project seeks to address the paucity in quantitative research on the behaviour of the Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle, how the subspecies is affected by anthropogenic disturbance and the efficacy of current management guidelines.

"The origin of the Pasch [Easter] eggs is just as clear [as the origin of Easter].