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THE CANON: 50 SCI-FI CLASSICS Close Encounters Of The Third Kind director's reputation after Jaws, and the film's extreme good fortune to act as counterprogramming to that other big science fiction film of 1977: Star Wars. featuring both the original Shatner-led crew and also the Next Generation crew (the latter rabble featuring their own member of the Kirk-school-of-intergalactic-womanizing-and-ham-acting in the form of Jonathan Frakes as William T. Of the four films featuring the Next Generation cast. THE CANON: 50 SCI-FI CLASSICS trimmed and the producers looked outside the Star Trek universe to bring in someone who is inarguably the most important person to Star Trek as a film series: Nicholas Meyer. By the time the series got to Nemesis (2002) not even the death of Data (Brent Spiner). itself serves as a microcosm for the entire series. The Canon: Reviews and commentary on the 50 science fiction films you have to see before you die (more on this in a minute) The Icons: The people and characters of enduring significance in science fiction film. who wrote the = that if something is set in a believably near future. have had their work turned into seminal science fiction films. sometimes at the expense of character development.often very close in time to our own — in which the setting is often postapocalyptic. this subgenre more or less fills the niche dystopian science fiction used to fill. as a result of events in his parents' lives during the 1950s. The 80s portion of the film shows that the ordinariness of Marty's 80s life is less than happy. prefiguring the same release pattern as the Matrix sequels. All it did was become arguably the most cinematically significant science fiction film since Metropolis in 1927. The gist of the story remains the same in both idea that Rick Deckard may himself be a all films . The short version is that Gilliam's dystopian satire (originally meant to be called 19841A . and so that's how long the American version is). 136).a tribute to both Orwell and Fellini) was deemed both too long and too depressing by Universal head Sidney Sheinberg. In this absurd universe exists minor government apparatchik Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce) who enjoys lush daydreams (in The extreme plastic surgery of Brazil (1985) 68 . This movie showed that intelligent science fiction can be done cheaply. or even lost Indiana outside observer through whom we the audience get to observe the foibles of humanity. provides a placid and apparently interested listener. Close Encounters' strange, ethereal and meditative slant was the contemplative yin to the wham-bam adventure-seeking yang of Star Wars. the film worked with the weakest points of the Trek universe . But what Meyer did inherit was a bit of behind-the-scenes drama: Leonard Nimoy. 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