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EU citizens can transfer contributions from their home country, along with contributions from any other EU countries they have worked in, to count towards their state pension in Portugal.Read how to calculate state pensions from several EU countries.There is a contributions-based state pension in Portugal that residents can claim if they have made at least 15 years of social security contributions while under Portuguese employment.There are also some private company pensions available.

There is a progressive rate of income taxation in Portugal starting at 14.5 percent for earnings up to EUR 7,035, rising to 48 percent on earnings above EUR 80,000. Portugal has tax treaties with all EU countries as well as a number of non-EU countries to prevent double taxation.See the conditions and a list of countries that have tax treaties in Portugal.Portugal's National Health Service, known as the (SNS), provides free healthcare in Portugal to all Portuguese citizens and foreign residents, although some fees have been introduced.EU citizens can apply for a residence permit from any of the regional offices of the Portuguese Immigration Service or SEF (). Under Portugal's retirement residency law, non-EU citizens who want to retire to Portugal will need to apply for a residence permit at a Portuguese consular office in their home country before relocating to Portugal.

You will typically need to show a valid passport, proof of income, proof of health insurance and submit to a criminal background check.

The SNS is publicly funded and provides healthcare through community health centres, hospitals and local health units.