American girl dating an arab man

The I'm rich thing may very well mean that he's in a heckuva lot of debt. Never seen in anything other than a dress shirt, slacks and a suit jacket. Another last to arrive, first to leave at Friday prayers cause he'll be damned if he goes beyond his lunch hour to make a dua or pray any sunnah prayers.Marriage might not even come into the picture, just like Islam won't. If not that, you'll be no more than a trophy to offset the inferiority complex that exists within his ethnicity of people. A wanderer in the Muslim community because he's always looking for a higher paying job, which demands even more of his time. Say some Arabic words (shahadah) and throw this thing on your head (hijab) and you're good.

Is time and-a-half for overtime really worth missing out on quality time at home?He's probably an advocate for Nikah Mu'tah, the un-Islamic and outlawed practice of marrying for a set amount of time--be it a month, a year, a week-- just to have guilt-free sex! If someone were to be be reeled in by his charm, it wouldn't be long before he brings up the "2nd wife" talk--and that's only if he's not fooling around with another female already.Of course, that's if he's even heard of it since with all the time he spends beautifying himself, he doesn't have any residual time to learn about the ins and outs of his religion. Your Move: If you find yourself in the presence of a guy like this, shut him down immediately.It's likely you're the 4th or 5th woman that he used that pickup line on that same night.

Usually if you throw some Islamic phrases out or even gear the topic to a Muslim theme, he'll likely abort mission. He's an offshoot of the the Muslim Fabio above but on a higher income level.

Why he's a creep: A running theme here with these guys is lack of Islamic adherence.