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The voices themselves are very natural and flowing, done in such a way that seems very fitting for each character. Some of the jokes fall flat sometimes, but when a joke actually hits, it tends to hit hard.I don't understand why some dislike the this show however it might just be spite because its not the same Sonic they grew up with.This is an edited version of an essay I wrote a year ago.I'm about to celebrate another anniversary of writing this column, and -- after almost 15 years -- I will admit that I have already outlasted...One of the other boys threw a snowball into my son's face, which cut the bridge of his nose. Dear Amy: My (white) parents have never approved of my wife, who was born in Mexico.My son's reaction was to punch the other boy in the face, which gave that boy a bloody... They also seem not to care for our daughters -- their two grandchildren. Dear Amy: My wife of almost 40 years and I are in our early 70s.

I'll be back next week with more answers and advice directed toward a fresh batch of dilemmas. Dear Readers: I'm stepping away from the column this week to travel the country and meet readers.

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