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Hope at the end of the day connects us all, no matter how different we are.” Dreams can come true; collaboration is key.These are two lessons that Irglová has learned fast over the last few years.

“After I moved to New York, I just kept seeing it everywhere, literally everywhere, and I hadn’t been familiar with the fruit before I moved,” Irglová says. He has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 3.1 years. Given Name: Glen Hansard Age: 47 (4/21/1970)Occupation: Music - Musician Most Famous For: The Frames, Irish rock group "We both had the day off Tuesday, and we were driving around going 'What do we get ready for now?' And then we realized we both were starting to suffer from post-wedding depression.But mostly she’s occupied by her first solo album Anar and her upcoming North American tour. She was classically trained as a singer and pianist at a very early age, and her parent’s taste in music influenced her own musical style.

“When me and my sister were going to bed, [our father] would play us a record of nice, calm singer/songwriters, “ she recalls.

I’d love [it] to have a bit of masculinity, and I’d love to play with a band with a more electronic sound.” Irglová’s first single off Anar, “Go Back,” leans more towards soul than blues because, she says “I always get the sense of the person who’s singing [the blues] has given up, and they’re just giving this account of the failure or the sadness or the bad situation the person is in.

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    Markéta Irglová Alone With Everybody. After starring in the Sundance hit Once with Glen Hansard, the two formed The Swell Season, began dating.…