Astronomical dating of mahabharata

In the second line, the second clause starts and runs up to the middle of the third line i.e. Kalaukale) means 700 5 50 = 755 years passed in the Kali Era.The remaining third clause; Here the verse does not specifically say the Shalivahan Shaka but Scholars have taken granted that it is Shalivahan Shaka without any base or reasoning.From Anuradha to Uttara Ashadha there is a difference of five Nakshatras, while from Anuradha to Uttara Phalguni there is a difference of six it is quite evident that at the time of Yudhisthira Saptarshis were not in Magha as held by the scholars. It is to be noted that there is no mention of the kings between Ripunjaya and Puranjaya.Here we have shown a mistake of five to six hundreds of years. People have wrongly taken the two names as that of one and the same person, without any evidence.

In the matter of general public, one says that when a son is born a new generation starts. The Mahabharata has exercised a continuous and pervasive influence on the Indian mind for millenniums.The Mahabharata, originally written by Sage Ved Vyas in Sanskrit, has been translated and adapted into numerous languages and has been set to a variety of interpretations.Moreover, there are three ‘Uttaras’ and the inscription has not stated specifically which Uttara it denotes. Bhagwat 12.1.2-4 state that Shunak would coronate his son Pradyota as the King and later five Kings would rule for 138 years.

Thus this source is unreliable and should be rejected. After this Pradotya Dynasty, Shishunga Kings, 10 in number, would rule for 360 years. Nanda would be destroyed by a Brahmin and Chandragupta would be enthroned.

The verse may have mentioned some other Shaka kings from ancient era.

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