Bishkek dating

I also read reports on Internet from people who were mugged just outside nightclubs, when they were drunk.For this reason, it is best to avoid carrying too much cash with you or important documents.

Nowadays, owned by a British citizen, it is a classy venue with a colonial interior design and a rather upmarket expat crowd.Bugu Hotel - Right in the city center, brand-new, very affordable - Rated 9.3/10 - From 55$/night Dostuk Hotel - Rated 7/10 - 60$ per night - This hotel would not be special except it has its own sauna with plus plus services and a quiet nightclub as well (called Heaven). In the same building, you have another property, much nicer but pricier, called Club Hotel (on Trip Advisor, someone says he was offered prostitutes there).Central Hostel (Not girl-friendly): Rated 9.3 - starting at 10$ per night in dorms.Meeting girls in Bishkek is fairly easy, either online, in the street or in nightclubs.

In the latter, you have to be careful as the number of prostitutes can be deceitfully high.

As a tourist, it seems you can get away with wearing short pants and a t-shirt in most venues except maybe Bar 12, Zavod, Mansion and Garage.