Body language dating relationships

S., it can mean honesty and forthrightness," says Buck.The eyes are a powerful part of our body language cues and can express everything from sexual interest, to annoyance, to happiness and pain, he explains. When a woman cups her hand, palm out, and tucks her hair behind her ear, it can be an expression of flirting, and can mean openness and interest, explains Wood.On the flip side, how can you use the body language of others to your advantage? "Body language says so much, that you can use it to gauge the sincerity of what a person is saying," says Wood.If a person is telling you something, and he's covering his mouth, he might be lying, she explains.Still, whether you are trying to manage your body language better, or understand that of others, remember the value of words."If you become too attentive to body language, instead of what you are saying or someone is saying to you, you miss out on the larger process of communication," says Buck.