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Four stone plaques exist in the town to show how high the water level reached.Other, less devastating floods occurred in July 1968 and on 25 June and 20 July in 2007.Pictured: Mohammed Bagher Bayzavi, an Iranian asylum seeker who lives in a house with a red door in Union Street, Middlesbrough.Doors have now been repainted In Glasgow, third on the national list, the Scottish Refugee Council did not say the city was overburdened, but did call for a national review of the housing contract, saying it had 'grave concerns' about how asylum seekers were housed.They compared 160 places with a population of more than 20,000, of whom at least 15 per cent were from an ethnic minority.They weighed factors including whether individuals held a UK passport, the ethnic mix of neighbourhoods and households and how people mixed with work colleagues The data examines both ‘identity integration’ – how minorities living in English and Welsh towns feel – and ‘structural integration’ – how well minorities living in that area mix with other ethnic groups.

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One woman climbed a chimney to survive, another was the only survivor from a row of twelve terrace houses, which were destroyed by the flood waters.The station was also the start and terminus on the Louth to Bardney Line which opened in 1876 but closed in 1951 to passengers and to freight traffic in 1960.The station closed to passengers in 1970 and so did the Mablethorpe Loop Line and the section from Boston to Louth of the East Lincolnshire Railway although the section to Grimsby remained in use for freight traffic until 1980 when it also closed and was removed.He said: 'What we are dealing with is a series of problems around how people seeking asylum are accommodated in Scotland.

From poor standards to poor treatment and putting strangers in shared accommodation, thus putting women and children in particular at risk.

Margaret Wintringham succeeded her dead husband at the Louth by-election in September 1921, to become the Liberals' first female MP, and Britain's third female MP.