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Sure, we're exaggerating a little bit, but there’s some reality in there. Do you constantly feel like you have to defend yourself? My other baby sister is a sophomore, and she's dated every race from all over the world. Because that’s the biggest love of my life, acting is Your comments caught the ire of Ne Ne Leakes who said you were “jealous” of the success of reality stars. It made me uncomfortable to be challenged on who I love. It’s just confusing because I try to be positive and I think I'm about something that's valuable, and to be slighted for love, or whatever, it's frustrating especially in Speaking of substance, you were very critical of reality TV and said something like; ‘You can't call it a stereotype if it's the majority.’ What did you mean by that?WHITE: I'll use my role as Randy in the movie 'I Can Do Bad All By Myself.' People get mad and say that's a stereotype of Black men.

Kenya Mc Queen is a successful African-American CPA, working her way to the top of the corporate ladder -- but her life has become all work and no play.Soon Baker's image appeared all over Sprint's in-store signage, printed material, and even the company's website, providing a human face for an otherwise faceless telecommunications behemoth. He appears as Representative John Tandy on the television series The West Wing and guest-starred on episodes of Providence, The Drew Carey Show, and V. He is currently in a long-term relationship with the violinist-composer Susan Voelz.The 2005 merger of Sprint and rival Nextel spelled the end of the commercials when the company implemented a "new look" campaign, and marketing for the new company was handed over to Nextel's ad agency. He is an American actor, producer, model, dancer and stockbroker. His mother is a financial advisor while his father was basketball player engaged into Hall of Fame, sports executive and restaurateur.

White was born on April 21, 1975 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Over time, they hit it off, but Kenya's reservations about the acceptance their romance will find among her friends and family threatens everything.