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So that kind of makes it a lot worse from my perspective.” June 24, 2016: The world tour begins Nope, not the 1989 world tour – the Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston love tour of 2016.First, Hiddleston met Swift’s parents in Nashville.June 24, 2016: Harris is doing fine, too Harris might have shared his feelings about the breakup on social media with several now-deleted comments saying that he was “not sad at all” about the split – nor was he “jealous.” Instead, Harris said he felt “free.” (Although a source close to Harris denied he wrote the comments.) When a commenter asked if he was sad, he allegedly replied, “I’ve reached a point of genuine curiosity I’m not sad at all I feel amazing right now.” “I cared too much and then I didn’t care at all,” Harris reportedly told one fan, when asked why he followed Swift on social media again.

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Not long after the split was announced, Swift made a planned surprise appearance at the wedding of a fan whose mom died before his nuptials.Then, they flew to England so she could meet Hiddleston’s mom!June 28, 2016: Meanwhile, back home…Harris wasn’t having the best month ever.June 1, 2016: Swift and Harris break up About a week after Harris was hospitalized following a car accident, PEOPLE exclusively confirmed that his and Swift’s picture-perfect romance had come to an end after 15 months.

A source close to the couple told PEOPLE that “there was no drama” surrounding the breakup and that “things just don’t work out sometimes. Of course, the question on everyone’s mind was, “Why did this beautiful romance come to an end?!

” A friend of Swift told PEOPLE the relationship ended because Harris was “intimidated” by her success.