Carbon dating explained in simple terms

I built my first windmill in 96 after a five year battle with all comers – NIMBY’s, bigots, planners, big power companies, you name it – and went to Kyoto in 97. I’m after change, by empowering people to bring it about themselves.The idea for example, that you can fight Climate Change with your electricity bill, use your need for electricity to bring about new clean sources of it – sustainable ones.One of the main reasons for this failure is that a building can undergo significant movement, both structurally and thermally.Once a crack appears water can penetrate the crack and be held within the wall behind the non-breathable or waterproof coating, which can include cement and paint.This equates to moisture having to travel 1cm to 50cm to pass through the paint, meaning it has very little resistance and can pass freely without being slowed or stopped.Conventional masonry paints will likely have an SD Value of 1 or above.

It just didn’t exist, as a choice, before Ecotricity.I’d spent the previous ten years or so living ‘on the road’ searching for an alternative way to live.I was what the media would call a ‘new age traveller’.Most “breathable” paints that do not state SD Value usually fall in their class of the first definition of breathability; they are suitable to be breathed, meaning they won’t necessarily harm us, or they are technically breathable, but simply won’t allow high levels of moisture to transfer freely.