Carbon dating explained in simple terms

This is an extremely varied definition, on the one hand it means that air or moisture can pass through a material, on the other it means that a material is safe for humans to use.The wide scope and interpretation of this term has led to confusion, what exactly constitutes a breathable paint?It’s not such a novel idea these days – that we can influence the way the world works, through the way we spend our money. So that’s it really, I’m a hippie, I run a business (a social enterprise) to bring change to the world.My interest is the next Industrial Revolution, how to live without burning up the planet.For building physics we class a breathable paint as a material that will allow the water vapour to permeate, travel or transfer through itself.The basic premise of a truly breathable paint is its ability to allow water vapour to evaporate from the surface and not prevent this transfer to be slowed or stopped entirely.I built my first windmill in 96 after a five year battle with all comers – NIMBY’s, bigots, planners, big power companies, you name it – and went to Kyoto in 97. I’m after change, by empowering people to bring it about themselves.

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If you were to look at one of our paints you will always be able to find the SD Value and this is regardless of the brand, in fact if you look at competitors’ products they usually always state the SD Value of their paints, because they know they are offering a truly breathable paint.One of the main reasons for this failure is that a building can undergo significant movement, both structurally and thermally.Once a crack appears water can penetrate the crack and be held within the wall behind the non-breathable or waterproof coating, which can include cement and paint.This equates to moisture having to travel through the equivalent of 1 metre of air to escape.

The vast majority of paints can technically be classed as “breathable”, as they will eventually allow some moisture to escape.

There is no defined European Standard as to what constitutes breathability and there are at least 8 different ways to measure the breathability of a material.

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