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Police are warning owners of rental properties to be on their guard against Airbnb pop-up brothels.Officers have made several arrests after visiting ten properties across Cheltenham and Gloucester, many of which are allegedly being rented out short term without the original landlords knowing.'And they were acting very provocatively around the men. It was really shocking to see.'The woman, who looked after a table and poured drinks until 2am, claimed several of the guests at the event paid the women in red dresses for sex.'I was really wary of it and I was disgusted that was happening. David Walliams (pic on January 23) hosted the Presidents Club gala but said he left at 11.30pm immediately after he had finished presenting and did not witness 'any of the kind of behaviour that allegedly occurred''Every time we had a bit of down time you'd have an agency worker who would come and tell you talk to a man who was looking upset or low or lonely,' she said.

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The revelation comes as part of a Gloucestershire police operation to help women caught up in the sex trade or who are victims of modern slavery.So you can just walk by and see who’s in Cafe Havana and in the general area.You can tell which girls are freelancers as they’ll lock eye contact with you.Some are brainwashed to not to talk to the police or any other authority.'Detective Inspector Nick Skipworth of Cambridge Police previously said: ‘We see a lot of them using flats and these will be £1,000-a-week flats. I chatted to one Polish girl who was 19 and she was seeing up to ten clients a day and making £100 a client.‘This sort of thing is going on everywhere.

There are certain places that they all seem to go and visit — the Romanians almost have a set tour route they follow around the UK.’Airbnb is an online marketplace which allows people to rent properties around the globe with hundreds of listings for places including Gloucester and Cheltenham.

In total four people were arrested for various charges including human trafficking at the visits to six brothels in Cheltenham and four in Gloucester.

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