Cheat for final fantasy sim dating game

Cheat Codes While playing the game, press [Ctrl] [Shift] C to display a prompt box in the upper left corner of the screen.Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Keep the key held to gain up to 99 million simolians. Then, hold [Enter] so that "No such cheat" begins to flash.Immediately after selecting live mode make them kiss approximately ten times in a row to set their relationship meter to 100.

Then, order them to pick up the mess that they just created. Repeat this each time it fills and trash will never have to be brought outside again. The Sim will continue to shower or bathe, but they will be bare without the pixelated censoring. As soon as a Sim enters the shower or bath, go to build mode and use the hand tool to remove the shower or bathtub from the bathroom. Real music Note: This trick requires a music recording/downloading program. After that save the music file(s) to The Sims game in the path "/Maxis/The Sims/Music/Stations/" followed by "Rock", "Classical", "Latin", or "Country".

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