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His grandfather, William van der Bilt, disapproves but Nate chooses to go there anyway.Nate begins freshman year at Columbia, resides in the dorms, and plays lacrosse; however he's rarely seen there.Tuesday, May 29, 2018: Add deadline for Independent Projects and Directed Studies The Fall 2018 semester will have classes within a number of different subsessions in addition to the normal 15 week classes.Fall 2018 Registration Dates Monday, March 19, 2018: Fall 2018 course schedules go live on OASIS.Blair finds out in Belles de Jour that Serena will also be attending Columbia.

Later, Blair and Serena trick Juliet into causing a scene and it's revealed that half the board members of Bass Industries are in the house as alumni and Juliet keeping Serena out goes against code.New students are assigned times by going through the New Student Orientation process.Monday, May 7, 2018: Non-degree student registration begins.At a benefit that evening held at Columbia, Blair confesses to a stranger that it's hard being there because she goes to NYU and hates it.

When she formally introduces herself, he recognizes her name and says he works in the admissions office at Columbia.

He explains he reviewed her application that day and despite it going against policy, he tells her that she's been accepted for the next year.