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Black girls have had a difficult time in our society for quite some time.Dating back to the days of slavery, black women were stripped away from their families and taken away from their homes.As a young girl, I do not remember many famous black women who were on television AND represented in a respectful way.And to go one step further, a black woman on television with dark skin was rare (if she even existed).People often referred to him as “black” or “dark.” My sister and I scored somewhere in the middle of the two, so I suppose my mother was the oddball in our house.

My mom has a light complexion, while my dad has a solid dark mahogany complexion.I grew up in a low-income housing project on the South Side of Chicago.I faced many challenges as a young girl in this homogenous and sometimes destructive community.I felt cheated that, all of this time, I had been left in the dark on this thing that apparently I was a part of and did not realize.

My dark-skinned friends make references such as “she’s only pretty because she’s light-skinned” or even favor their children with lighter skin.

Sadly, we have to combat a dismal representation of ourselves in mainstream media and blatantly hateful stereotypes when we do get mentioned.

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