Dating a police officer

A prosecutor had charged Shelby with first-degree manslaughter, saying she became “emotionally involved to the point that she overreacted.” She was one of only a few female officers to be charged in a fatal shooting in the past decade.Civil rights activists lauded Wednesday’s verdict as a rare conviction involving a fatal shooting of a black person at the hands of law enforcement, though he wasn’t on duty at the time of the killing.

Kepler’s daughter, Lisa Kepler, had just started dating Lake when he was fatally shot.Kepler then shot Lake, he later admitted, claiming that he thought he saw him reach for a gun.“He’s bringing it, I’m bringing it,” Kepler told the courtroom on Wednesday, according to the AP. I’m not going to stand there and get shot.” But Lake’s aunt testified that her nephew was actually reaching out to shake Kepler’s hand and introduce himself when he fired, CBS News reported.“The odds of you being convicted go up.” “They argued racism without a shred of evidence,” O’Carroll added, arguing the judge “was biased from the beginning.