Dating a workaholic commitment phobic

He told me that he thought it would be nice to make plans in advance and this was why he texted me several days in advance, but I told him to figure out his plans firm before asking me about my plans.Last time I saw him he asked me what days of the week my schedule was open and said he would be making plans according to this.Perhaps the reason you are attracted to unavailable men is that you are emotionally unavailable yourself.You know what you want, and it sounds from what you are saying that you don’t really care about who will give you what you need.We went to a concert he invited me to and had drinks afterwards.I really liked his touch and affection (like holding hands, etc.) so I decided to go with my feelings and take advantage of him being there for the moment as it had been a while for me.

Due to this unpredictability I told him I do not want to hear from him asking me about my schedule if he himself doesn’t know what he is going to do.Several months ago when we met he asked me out and we went on a few dates.He was calling and texting a lot trying to make plans but essentially bailing out and re-scheduling or cancelling a couple of dates due to his sudden last minute schedule changes, so we only went on a handful of dates with most of our communications taking place through texting or emailing.The sex was good and I asked him if he was seeing anyone to which he said no, so I asked him jokingly if he wanted to be my booty call.