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Emergency planning should aim where possible to prevent emergencies occurring, and when they do occur, good planning should reduce, control or mitigate the effects of the emergency.It is a systematic and ongoing process which should evolve as lessons are learnt and circumstances change.It allows for the making of temporary special legislation (emergency regulations) to help deal with the most serious of emergencies.

The Civil Contingencies Act, and accompanying non-legislative measures, delivers a single framework for civil protection in the UK.I find it hard to swallow that the agencies involved were not in communication with each other.They should all have known he had been doing things out of character.’She added professionals working with the Mrs Williams' family between July and October last year had wanted to 'do the right thing', but there were 'complex reasons' why the attack and subsequent deaths happened.'Despite the high awareness and public profile of the positive measures the force had put in place, our investigation into how this woman’s concerns were dealt with highlighted issues with call handling, record-keeping and awareness of force policy and procedures.'I hope that appropriate lessons have been learned and we have shared the learning from our investigation with Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and the Serious Case Review and Attempted Domestic Homicide Review into how all agencies acted within this case.'More needs to be done to highlight the correct channels through which additional information is passed to relevant departments It also says the force needs to establish a standardised procedure for dealing with hand over files.Vulnerable people may be less able to help themselves in an emergency than self-reliant people.

Those who are vulnerable will vary depending on the nature of the emergency, but plans should consider: those with mobility difficulties (those with physical disabilities or pregnant women); those with mental health difficulties; and others who are dependent, such as children.

Category 1 and 2 organisations come together to form ‘local resilience forums’ (based on police areas) which will help co-ordination and co-operation between responders at the local level.