Dating an agoraphobic

But I don't think this depression is chemical in nature. My psych nurse won't give me an anti-depressant because they make me manic.I think this depression is somewhat the result of a divorce I can't accept, and financial calamity.Dont let your walk be like that take this time to grow in Christ.My advice to you is don't just let it go and get over it.And it makes you feel awful when they start dating someone new.

I'm scared because I know that he is trying to date this girl. I guess my question is: Do you think that God can lead someone to break up temporarily?Being whole and healthy with your only dependence on God will only strengthen any relationship that could come into your life.I was once in a relationship very similar with an ex.The changes I've made feel so genuine I'm just looking for opinions. Instead of the term "moving on", I think you should strive to be who God wants you to be irregardless of who this man is and what he could possibly be in your life.

Being friends with an ex is dangerous ground; because if you still have feelings for them you begin to take every good interaction with them as a "sign" that you should be together again when it may not be anything.

I think you should read the word, pray and focus on your relationship with Christ find out what he wants, and I promise you everything else will be alright. It said I could email her but that the rest was up to Him. Second, because it seems my conduct has driven her away. Or should I pray I can love another woman like I did her?

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    About ten months ago, my therapist said that I was borderline agoraphobic. She said thatit would be extremely difficult to treat me if I we - online diary, by my…