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Thanks for your question, Single Mom, because it’s a great reminder that sometimes a strong connection isn’t always enough to get a relationship off the ground.There are a few things that I could stand to know about you that would give me more clarity on your situation – namely, your age, his age, and the ages of your respective children. Because there’s a big difference between a 32-year-old man and a 57-year-old man.

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Single parents know that one of the touchiest parts of dating with kids is knowing when and how to introduce your new significant other to your children.Gian Gonzaga, senior director of research and development for e Harmony Labs.“The concern women have is that they can never be the only person in his life because there is a child who is going to take some of his attention.”Turn the tables and you'll find the Canadian men of e Harmony, while hardly tripping over themselves to meet mommies, are more open to the idea.He typically has dated women without children as he found it was less complex.

We went out four times in one month, and in between there was a strong connection we both verbalized and confirmed experiencing.

Hi Evan, I have been reading your blog for a while now, and am appreciative of the insights I’ve learned.

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