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What effects do incidents like these have in the long run on returning vets? There is some footage from Iraq, including live combat footage involving one of the vets.The film is divided into ten topical sections: Why Are We in Iraq? Many of the vets remain very troubled by their experiences. And there is Abbie, who has tried to resume normal activities like dating and going back to college, but has struggled with her fragile nerves.You will also hear of civilians killed at checkpoints.Q: If I were in your place, I would be so angry that I had to hide my lifestyle for so many years.How angry were you that your choice had to be hidden for most of your career and the unfairness of it all? Anger takes too much energy and there is too much anger around.

Brooklyn-based Vice correspondent Simon Ostrovsky traveled to Akihabara, a bustling district in Tokyo, to explore the sexual exploitation of young women as a part of Vice News' short documentary entitled Schoolgirls for Sale in Japan, and soon discovered that teen girls were readily available to 'rent' for a variety of services, including fortune telling, massages, and walks with clients. In the video, Simon is visibly uncomfortable as the girl giggles and reads his 'fortune' using a birthday dictionary.Q: But at some point you had to have felt something about being forced to portray one life and live another. A: I was not forced to do what I didn't want to do.I was under a contract and you do what the contract said, and that was the obligation.I'm hoping if it is picked up by HBO or something like that we can put things back in.

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