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Copts poured out into the streets in anger, presaging the Arab Spring.In the months that followed, Muslims rallied around them and defended their churches.“Our ancestors lived and believed this message, but we never had to.” Copts date their liturgical calendar from 284 AD, the beginning of the Roman persecution under Diocletian.Troubles with pagan and Muslim rulers have ebbed and flowed over time, but in his Easter message Pope Tawadros lauded the Coptic Orthodox as a “church of the martyrs.” This history returned with a vengeance in 2010, when the Two Saints Church in Alexandria was bombed on New Year’s Eve.Nearly seven years later, the nation has grown weary.The Palm Sunday twin suicide bombings killed more than 45 people and are the second ISIS attack on Christian sanctuaries in five months.Believe me, we forgive you.’ “‘You put my husband in a place I couldn’t have dreamed of.’” Stunned, Adeeb stammered about Copts bearing atrocities over hundreds of years, but couldn’t escape the central scandal. “In the history and culture of the Copts, there is much taught about martyrdom,” he told CT.“But until Libya, it was only in the textbooks—though deeply ingrained.” The Islamic State in Libya kidnapped and beheaded 21 mostly Coptic Christians in February 2015.

It also applies to the rule of law, such as prosecuting crimes committed against Copts.“Among everyone there is now a sense of melancholy,” he said.“The bombings are part of a larger trend where things are just crumbling.” Following the bombings, the government reimposed a state of emergency (in effect almost every year since the 1980s), expanding police and military powers.“If they know that God is love and experience his love, they could not do these things—never, never, never.” Clearly the Coptic heritage and Jesus’ teaching have an impact on the aggrieved. But the traumatic impact and subsequent forgiveness have also overcome Coptic lethargy, reviving the church.

“The Coptic community is definitely in defiance,” he said.

Previously entombed on Good Friday, light then burst forth as the curtain to the altar was opened and an icon of the risen Christ was paraded through the church.

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    Joint House and Senate Hearing, 112 Congress From the U. S. Government Printing Office ESCALATING VIOLENCE AGAINST COPTIC WOMEN AND GIRLS WILL THE NEW EGYPT BE MORE DANGEROUS THAN THE OLD. To date, I know of no investigation undertaken by the U. S. embassy in Cairo. Added to that.…
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    Jan 28, 2018. Coptic Christian nuns 'dead to the world' establish first monastery in Australia for women to foster spiritual life. the oldest Christian churches in the world, the Coptic Orthodox Church began in Egypt in the middle of the 1st Century and has survived a long history of persecution dating back to the Romans.…