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I know years ago i had a friend e-mail me a pic and i saved it to my desk top and then put it up...I am not beauty queen..,but i think if i post one they should as thought I once had my picture posted in the profile and behind me on the wall was a flag of the UK.If you don't have a pic on your profile I will probably just ignore you.But if a person contacts me that doesn't have a pic up and shows interest in me I would talk with i have found some in chat rooms like to say bad things about others appearance like how fat they are ...funny the one who say that are usually the ones with no picture hmmm.I suggested that I was not the "lady" for him and that he should look elsewhere . but if you are real and write me and I like the fact you are real, then I will send a picture.I do write to people without a photo , but I will be very careful in the future . I really don't want to be hit with a bunch of e-mails either. Some say they are embarassed as their x or a co-worker may see them.the x or co worker was also on here looking for something also!

I've done it twice with horrific results I do believe that sometimes people are hiding on line when they don't post a photo .So many people were ignorant of the facts and thought the flag was a Confederate flag and then seeing I was from Atlanta put two and two together and came up with Five.Suddenly I was a racial bigot and stupid and not worth replying to so I took down the picture and became a racial bigot and am now stupid and not worth replying to.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... or perhaps they married and afraid someone they know might recognize them ? We don't have equal information and are not a level field. They try to spin it that you are the shallow one if you do not post a pic lmao.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. No pun intended, - but since there are plenty of other fish in the sea who are willing to put themselves out there, I simply decided after a couple of days to only respond to those who were willing to be straight forward. I have noticed that the people that do not post the pics even in chatrooms tend to be the first ones calling other people ugly.

I just had a bad experience with a " gentleman " who didn't post a photo - he was a retired teacher with dual masters degrees , amazingly handsome , however - he said we could only meet at my place - of course that was because he didn't want me to endanger myself on the road and he lived far from me - & what happened between us would stay between us - of course he said I was gorgeous and sexy , yeah sure .