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See detailed information about tuition and fees for each semester. Student can take advantage of Schedule Planner - an online tool similar to a shopping cart where students may add classes to their cart, block out non-class times and select available schedules.Schedule Planner is available the day the semester schedule goes live.If you have any questions about this calendar, please email University Advancement.View comprehensive academic calendars by semester here.Advisors may also be indicated in Degree Works which is available through UAOnline.

From there you should be able to make a Credit Card Payment OR a "e Check", to avoid having to pay the credit card processing fee.Registration remains open 24/7 until the close of registration.Telephone assistance is available during regular business hours at 907-786-1480.The goal of academic advising is to assist students in developing educational plans consistent with career and life goals and to provide students with the information and skills needed to pursue those goals.

For a list of advising contacts and for more information, visit the Advising page.

In-progress credit is credit for which a student is enrolled during the current semester.