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You wouldn’t want him judging you based on your ex-boyfriend, would you? That usually means he’s not going to be in any rush to have it happen again.If you’re looking for the kind of man who’s going to say “I love you” at first sight, you’re dating the wrong guy.At times, our culture minimizes the importance of self-discovery and self-awareness for men; these are usually deemed priorities more appropriate for women.But times are changing, and it’s just as important for men to work through issues with thoughtful analysis and introspection.Many people, men and women, assume that when someone is divorced they made a lousy spouse. Just because a man is divorced doesn’t mean he’s a bad man.As a double divorcee, I can tell you that yes, there were times I made a lousy spouse, but there were times I was the perfect wife! My mother always says, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” or, more delicately, just because he wasn’t right for one woman, doesn’t mean he isn’t perfect for you!In other words no making room for his toothbrush or giving him his own drawer yet.

The step-by-step approach offers readers business concepts such as a marital vision statement, a performance appraisal process, and detailed spousal job descriptions” to apply to their current or future relationships.Were the live images of her personality even more terrifying than the ones you imagined?Did she make you want to throw something across the room at her oversized head? There are many women out there who find that the ex-wife isn’t always the cool and down-to-earth person they hoped she’d be.In this day and age, it isn’t at all unusual to find yourself dating a man who is divorced.

With people getting married younger (have you ever watched “16 and Pregnant”? This leads to plenty of good-looking, eligible men on the market who have a past. However, there’s often a stigma that comes with the word “divorce”.

Still, dating a guy who’s been divorced, just like dating a woman who’s been divorced, does come with a certain amount of baggage.

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