Dating site for marriage minded singles

“There are a lot of genuine, traditional Jewish singles who really just want to get married,” said Marc and Angela in a testimonial.The couple got married in Israel after meeting on Jewish

Jewish is a privacy-conscious dating site, so members can choose a username rather than using their real names online.“My advice to singles,” said Sam Moorcroft, the Founder of Jewish, “is to go to the dating sites that have been around the longest because those sites knows what they’re doing.” If you’re Jewish and want to meet someone who’s also Jewish, the question arises: How the heck do you do that?Is it really appropriate to flirt with people at your temple?“The beauty of the internet is it allows you to segment by what’s really important to you,” he said.

“We knew many singles in the Jewish community have a strong desire to meet like-minded people of faith, so we built a site around that.” Today, Jewish has helped thousands of single men and women connect online and build long-lasting relationships based on cultural compatibility.

Whether you’re a traditionally conservative Jew or a contemporary secular Jew, you can use the detail-oriented search tools on Jewish to find someone who understands your point of view.