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so Thanks to a kohls mistake my 30 year almost perfect credit rating has gone down 100 points which will take years to get back where it should be !

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For the next 3 months I did not receive a single email statement until September Of 2017 and then they charged a monthly late fee for each payment I missed.Reply We just had the same thing happen to us today!!!We have been Kohl’s loyal customers for over 20 years, and ALWAYS made on time payments or paid off our Kohl’s charge.I just sent in for my credit report and I have not missed or been late on a payment to anyone in over 25 years !

I called up Kohls customer service and got a very rude obnoxious lady that refused to do anything for me but be nasty !

She totally did not care that this ding was affecting our excellent credit, and despite our customer loyalty for all these years would not assist us in getting it reversed for us.