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Key Features: Agency Management, Complex Matchmaking Calculations, Multi Language Profiles, Multiple Templates, Search Feeds, Custom attributes and categories, Couples and Groups Support, Zone Filters, US Zip Search, Integrated Forum, Integrated Chat, Referral tracking, Content Management, Banners/Ads Management, Custom Memberships, Search Filters, Matches Newsletter, Blogs, Friends Network, Multimedia Content, Events Calendar, Link Exchange Directory, Support Tickets, Newsletters, 100% Web Based Video Chat.Optional Plugins : Webcam Messenger, Webcam Chat - Java.In addition to the marketing activities mentioned in section 5.2, Suzie will make a point to participate in guerrilla marketing which is a grass roots style of marketing where she will be out mingling with perspective customers, "talking up" the services that Compu Date has to offer.Suzie will also set up the accounting system on Quick Books Pro.

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Match Agency is the software and Match Agency Bi Z is a product powered by this software.The leveraging of the part-time employee and consulting assistance will be based on the philosophy that Suzie should only be participating in value-added activities and that she should have a lower paid employee taking care of responsibilities that do not require Suzie's skills or attention to detail. * Upgrades refer only to minor software updates and fixes, not major package upgrades, new plugins or derived products. Minor upgrades are not available for older products - only latest versions are beeing improved.The main difference with these packages is the price and included/available plugins. Datetopia Dating Software licenses can be upgraded to new ones for the Product Price Difference Package Renewal fee.

Compu Date is a new company that offers Denver area singles computer-based matchmaking services.

In terms of the operational activities, she will be responsible for vendors relations, customer service, and business development.