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It is independent of the community, although all involved are community members. Now these have petered out and the hotline is only open a few hours per week."The Jewish community receives funding from the AJDC [Joint] for helping the elderly, and also a small amount for education. Lauder Foundation funds education directly, which means the Lauder Morasha School, the only Jewish school in Warsaw, and summer and winter camps.Ninety percent of these had been murdered by the end of 1944.This left 350,000 Jews in Poland after World War II.The AJDC and the Jewish Agency are the two foreign Jewish organizations that have offices in Poland." Schudrich defines Polish Jewry as "a tiny community struggling with reasserting its Jewish identity and with the historic responsibility of preserving a glorious past." He says that if Polish politics do not deteriorate too much, and the economy keeps up, the community will grow both in quantity and in quality even if there are some departures for Israel."There is a younger generation now that is learning, and so are adults." Referring to Poland's postwar history, Schudrich remarks: "Before 1939 there were approximately 3.5 million Jews in the country.Psychologically, however, they are all survivors or their descendants.

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The others are Katowice, Szczeczin, Legnica, and Bielsko Biala. Fifty adult members is the minimum required by the union for a registered community.

The smaller ones like Gdansk, Poznan, and Lublin are affiliate branches.

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