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Many of these women have happily-married friends who might be regarded as less attractive, intelligent or successful.But marriage-oriented dating isn't a contest where the "highest score" wins the prize.We gebruiken cookies voor persoonlijke content en advertenties, voor sociale media en om uw bezoek te analyseren. We delen informatie over het gebruik van onze site met onze sociale media, advertentie en analytische partners die het mogelijk delen met andere informatie die zij over u hebben verzameld. The skeleton is of a woman, aged between 25-30, measuring between 4' 9" and 4'11" (145-150cm) which is short even by Neolithic standards.The bones show a number of deformities that are caused by rickets - particularly in the breastbone, ribs, and the arms and legs.They sound like they make a lot of sense, but they're not true.

The isotopic analysis also showed that she was local to the area - levels of strontium were high, which is a key characteristic of ancient communities living on islands such as the wind-blown Hebridean islands, where crops were fertilised with seaweed and subject to salty sea-spray.Rickets has been identified in a Neolithic skeleton from the Scottish island of Tiree, making it the earliest case of the disease in the United Kingdom.The nature of the grave itself - a simple burial rather than a chambered tomb - has raised questions as to how the woman, physically deformed by the disease, may have been treated by her community.While we can't say for certain that this is the earliest case in the world, it is definitely very unusual.

"Vitamin D deficiency shouldn't be a problem for anyone exposed to a rural, outdoor lifestyle, so there must have been particular circumstances that restricted this woman's access to sunlight as a child.

It's better to date a few people who seem right "on paper" than dozens of people who sound "nice" but will never turn out to be a good match for you.

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