Depression after divorce dating

When life is challenging us, it's easy to be focused on just the challenges of divorce and depression. We tend to disregard them if we don't take the time to consciously give credit to life's good fortune.A gratitude journal is there to remind us that there is another side to the coin. Take a few moments every morning to acknowledge what is going well, what makes you smile and what you are truly grateful for.First you feel listless, tired, uninspired, and lost, which causes you to be less productive, and then you feel worse with this list of things looming over your head that you haven't done.This is especially counterproductive in divorce when so many practical things need to be accomplished, and decisions made.(Notice the order of that: YOU come first.) Movement Get into motion!Moving your body boosts your mood, positive hormones, and positive thoughts and feelings follow.You are likely to be amazed at how much you really have going for you.

Gratitude Journal In my most difficult times, I have found my gratitude journal the most worthwhile tool.When you get back to your "regularly schedule program" you'll have much more energy and enthusiasm to bring to those activities, and you'll feel much better about it!Nurture in Nature Nature is a built-in rejuvenator that helps all of us let go of stress and get back to well-being. When you go out into nature you can even try this little ritual.Make a list of everything that is weighing on your mind that needs to be done. Next, schedule a time (be realistic and gentle with yourself) when it will be accomplished.

Having it mapped out and documented in a realistic way that you feel confident about accomplishing provides a huge sense of relief.

The trick here is to be realistic, gentle with yourself, and to not over schedule.