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courtesy of Derek Rake’s Shogun Method program, and you want to know how to handle the “power” to use it to attract women quickly… or you may be new to the game and want the quickest and easiest way to your woman’s heart.Either way, there’s a grounding principle of seduction that you must know, and it is this: What does this mean? To women, the perfect man would be an alpha male – a man with a ton of self-confidence and a take-control attitude in life.Indeed, if you’ve been actively using PUA stuff or regurgitating pickup lines or “openers” then listen to me and put that behind you.

As such, I don’t gain anything if you decide to buy Shogun Method or not. These are typically the “Pickup Artist” (or PUA) types who are out to “pick up” or “seduce” women into going to bed with them. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use Shogun Method to approach women and get them to bed with you.To start you off, attend this online Masterclass on Mind Control conducted by Derek Rake (founder of the Shogun Method).It will give you a good grounding on how to use Mind Control to put any (yes, any) woman under your dominance. If you don’t see the email (and especially if you’re using Outlook or Hotmail), check your spam folder.(And yes, it will even work on women with boyfriends… In particular, remember that karma is a real bitch, and you should always leave them better than when you found them. ) Watch the presentation, and you’ll soon have unlimited success with women, pretty much guaranteed.

just tweak it so that it turns into a killer boyfriend destroyer tactic… Subliminal seduction techniques such as Fractionation is morally neutral, and it’s up to you to use it for good (You’ll need to enter your email address so that the link to the video is emailed to you directly.

There’s no better way to put it, but truthfully, Mind Control techniques put PUA trickery to shame.

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