Do white men hate black men for dating white women

And if the ww are so ugly why say anything about it. I've never heard of a black man doing anything like that, have you? A black comedian said something like black men always date fat white women etc etc etc, and then it's on everyone's lips....

I’ve explored videos and forums where damaged black men referred to us as apes and posted pictures dehumanizing us.You have a lot of issues with black men and white women couples. .....u must be on another planet, because I've never heard a black man express any hate towards wm & BW be together!! And those dirty looks might not be dirty looks at all....It's obvious with all the jealous and hatred you've toward white women. Its just that u know your walking pass some bm with a wm, I think it's your mind playing tricks on you.... Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner.

If you were at the bottom of the totem pole among men, would you feel the need to pick on someone else in order to feel better about yourself?

Because I can honestly say I've never heard about a bm complain about a BW with a wm.

Do white men hate black men for dating white women comments

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