Esx host not updating time ntp

Note The driver installation may add the /usepmtimer switch in the file.Once this (/usepmtimer switch) was done the clock was dead on time. I originally noticed this because VMware gave me a helpful tip on my laptop, but this page mentions the same thing: Quote from : VMWare tips and tricks Power saving (Speed Step, C-states, P-States,...) Your power saving settings may interfere significantly with vmware's performance. CPU frequency This should not lead to performance degradation, outside of having the obvious lower performance when running the CPU at a lower frequency (either manually of via governors like "ondemand" or "conservative").

There a several ways to do this from outside the VM, but I wanted to find a way to enable time sync from within the guest itself either on or after tools install.This Google search for 'vmware clock drift' links to several articles.The first hit may be the most useful for you: When installing VMware Tools on a Windows Guest, “Time Synchronisation” is not enabled by default.The only problem with varying the CPU speed while vmware is running is that the Windows clock will gain of lose time.

Esx host not updating time ntp comments

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