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Sandra also spoke that Louis would often blush and got jittery during his three meals with Michelle.Sandra’s words reportedly have caused a rift between Joe and Louis’ relationship.In SETTV and TTV idol drama "Fated to Love You", Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan have a deep love which has to undergo hardship and this touches the audience.In reality, is Chen Qiao En's love life just as blood-puking?Tabloids have claimed that Taiwanese actress, Joe Chen was dating Hong Kong movie star, Louis Koo for almost a year!Reports said that Louis had met Joe through a mutual friend in 2010 and only started dating at the end of 2011.Ex-boyfriend, Wallace Huo was said to be trying to patch things back with Joe too.Upon knowing about her relationship woes with Louis, Wallace has asked Joe out for meals and arranged on a vacation together to Hong Kong.

In addition to her straight forward, forgetful personality, she will often offend people accidentally and there's even rumors of her being "big-head".Chen Qiao En's Australian boyfriend knows that she's an actress but he doesn't know that she's the female actress of the nation's top rated drama.Chen Qiao En said that "My boyfriend works with exchange rates. Although I'm busy filming right now and we can't meet up like normal couples do that often, but the two of us being together, as long as there's a will, just by a few phonecalls, we can still maintain our relationship.Ming Dao will even go in and be Ethan's replacement when filming the back.

This causes Qiao En to keep laughing and end up with NGs.

Qiao En said that "Sometimes I don't mean anything bad with the things I said but people will think that I'm angry or scolding.

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