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Disputes must be arbitrated, and the dispute will be determined under the laws of the Province of British Columbia.Letters sent to the editor are subject to publication.But this doesn't mean that your vendor will drop you like a hot potato when your software is out of support.However what it does mean is that the help they will give you will be limited.

Our ads range in price from $680 to $2,200 per two weeks -- depending on the location of your advertisement in Copyright 2015 by up Front.e Zine Publishing, Ltd. "up Front.e Zine," "The Business of CAD," and "World CAD Access" are trademarks of up Front.e Zine Publishing, Ltd.In some cases, Systems Programmers are too busy upgrading software to actually implement new features.Often new software provides performance improvements. For example, IBM suggests that DB2 V10 can give a 5-10% performance improvement out-of-the-box, and up to 20% for specific workloads.For example, ASG announced that its TMON monitor would support z/OS 1.12 from the first day it was released. It won't make any such guarantee for software out of support. Many mainframe sites were forced to upgrade software to levels that were tagged as Year 2000 compliant by their vendors.

In many of these cases the old software would probably have worked fine, but the vendors would not guarantee it. IBM won't guarantee that unsupported software will work with its new z Enterprise processors.

You can expect no new software fixes, and possibly less help with fixing other problems.

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