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This blog post is simply an introduction to using mindfulness for teens dealing with substance abuse and will no doubt be expanded on in the future.

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Don’t pass by the relationship and go straight into solutions-focused mode.The mind is oftentimes easily consumed by the physicality of breathing deep and doesn’t wander as easily as in a standard mindfulness of the breath meditation (where the instruction is to be mindful of the breath without manipulating it to be deep or shallow) and the deep breathing of the diaphragm activates the parasympathetic nervous system which in turn activates the relaxation response.Thus youth oftentimes report feeling relaxed or calm immediately following the meditation.Rather than entering into your counseling relationship with a youth and starting with the attitude of start by putting explicit effort into relationship building.

This is done in many ways, and I’m sure you can think of the relationships in your life and think about what qualities contribute to building strong, trusting, genuine relationships.

Rather than simply blurting out the young person is encouraged to use descriptive words of her or his present-moment experience.