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So we’re really excited about that as well so that’s why we’re super happy to have you all here to show us how you do it. I usually walk away from learning something from anyone and no matter how much revenue they make, or what channel they are. One of the things– you might even be thinking about this yourself, every time AJ and I go to business meetings together, there’s a moment in that meeting that we wait for every time and it’s called the question. AJ and I will be sitting there, we put our best foot forward, we have the guy, whoever we’re meeting with, they’re eating at the palm of our hand and they’re like “Wow!If you just listen closely enough, you can get away with some nuggets that can help you improve your life or your business. “You guys are great, I love this, this is a great store, I really want to work with you guys and I just have one question. I don’t get it.” cause obviously when you see AJ and I sitting next to each other, we’re extremely different, and when everything…when everyone is finding here right now, why everyone has come together this week is because of core values and AJ and I share those core values, so no matter…though we may listen to different music or have different ideas about a lot of things, our core values are always aligned, and so we can do great things, we can travel, we can go out, we can meet new people, we can go into business meetings, and we have each other’s back always. JD: Yeah, we work well together and so we have a lot of fun and I think it surprises people to see two people who they could, once again judgement comes into place, two people who may appear on totally opposite end of whatever spectrum you may want to put them on, and watch them work so well together. JD: Truth, always, and one of the rules when it comes to belief restructure that we do on Fridays, I want everyone to understand the truth because we’ve all been lied to, right?And this it the best thing about it, anyone can take an improv class anywhere and learn those skills.

Once that first impression has been made, it’s like that second impression that connection you have with people that you conform and they already judged you in the first place.We don’t like to think of ourselves as shitty judgmental people. But those people who are looking to challenge themselves, looking to be better, can admit fault, can admit “Yes, I’m judgmental that doesn’t mean that I have to be judgmental, that means I can understand my thought process and then correct it”SRS: And what I find so interesting about you too is that you’re not the typical engineer guy. SRS: So when they see you the first time, I’m sure they were skeptical right? JD: Well one of the things that has been working for me is that everyone has heard me on the podcast.But at the end of that week, when you had them go through this boot camp, they come out and they really learned a lot from you and they have a great deal of respect. So they’ve heard me talking and they know that I know my way around this and they also know that at this point that I’ve been doing this, with the Art of Charm, I started with AJ and Jordan for 10 years but I have also had a– I was doing it previously for other companies before that. JD: You know it’s funny when people see me, oh now it makes sense.I’m sure you can remember the first time you caught your parents lying to you. JD: Your parents are liars, they told you about Santa Claus, right, they told you about these lies, and so there’s always little things in our life that we have grown up believing that our parents have given us, or our environment has given us, or our friends have given us, or media has given us, that may or may not be true.

SRS: Exactly, some of them are because people want to be polite, but then when you find out the truth, it hurts even more.

Everyone’s on laptops, they’re firing away and I think it’s going to be a really fun week.