Hearing person dating deaf person

It took time, patience, laughter, and tears but we worked it out and we've been married for 26 years now."-FUZZYPEN"..bought him a book of SL so he can learned somewhat something is going wrong he didnt after all just wee bit just brief talk...It does annoyed me hubby aint not bother sign guess he may be so jealous to see alot of friends whom deaf and he doesnt have one for himself, now he s startng to hard of hearing (HOH), losing his hearing.I am signed up to learn SL..though he really feels it is unnecessary, he has learned to lip read so well..hearing is getting worse and I want to be prepared to help him."-DEIDRAHICKS"...surprised at the amount of resentment and anger towards hearing spouses...married 27 years..frustrations, yes, related to my not being able to hear sometimes, but NEVER because of not being able to communicate!"-LOLUV8"It's not about being deaf, or hearing -- it's about what you two share..relationships with hearing girls...... To some deaf people, it is their very core of their being...Many older couple will say...should not expect someone to change after the marriage...then again others may say if he loves you, he will do anything for you...."-DDDD86"..they really love you they will want to do what is best for your relationship and learn how to communicate as well as possible.

We have both talked it over, and he finally realized how difficult it is for me, and how frustrating it is for us to rely on lip readng alone.This is a common problem in "mixed marriages." ..him down and tell him that he has to learn because you guys aren't communicating.It is easier for him to learn signs and impossible for you to learn to hear..."-BLUIZJUDY"..wouldnt learn SL...wasnt that hard on me but...sometimes I couldnt understand him. Start talking to him in SL and act like you cant understand him at all if he tries to talk to you without signing or make him repeat all the time and eventually he would get tired of repeating himself and then he would ask you for some help in learning the SL.If he gets mad or makes excuses then he is not right for you..."-DEE72072"married to a hearing woman...didn't start losing my hearing until I was 15, so I didn't need to sign while I was growing up.

Since losing my hearing..a point of learning some SL.....

Forum members advised each other on deaf-hearing relationships (snippets follow):"husband...finally getting around to doing the fingerspelling occasionally ..a little bit of sign here and there.

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