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APG III core angiosperms; Superorder Lilianae; non-commelinid Monocot. Tricyrtis); similar in the two whorls, or different in the two whorls (the outer tepals, or all of them, often with a nectariferous spur); white, or yellow, or white and purple, or yellow and purple (i.e. Perennial; without conspicuous aggregations of leaves; rhizomatous. Lamina entire; lanceolate, or ovate; palmately veined (palmate-parallel); cross-venulate, or without cross-venules; cordate, or attenuate to the base, or cuneate at the base. Flowers small, or medium-sized; regular; 3 merous; cyclic; pentacyclic. Perianth of ‘tepals’; 6; free; 2 whorled (3 3); isomerous; petaloid; without spots, or spotted (e.g. Androecial members free of the perianth; free of one another, or coherent; if coherent 1 adelphous (the filaments cohering basally); 2 whorled. I for the life of me can not figure out if this guppy is male. As far as sex organs, it kind of but not really looks male except for momentary once in a while when the fin spreads out.

As far as coloring going into the body instead of just the tail fin, the color goes a way up but it is still semi transparent like a female.

After posting I read that females have one fin and males have 2 parts in the same area. It does have some female looking characteristics to me though (just an amateur so I could be way off), and the behavior indicates something awry.

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