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Mike Baxter, a director of marketing at an outdoor sporting goods store, returns home from traveling to a new assignment at work and to his house filled with women: his wife Vanessa, his oldest daughter Kristin (a single mother caring for her son in the Baxter family home), his middle daughter Mandy (an unintelligent, popularity-driven teenager) and his youngest daughter Eve (a tomboy inspired by her father).While Mike gives Eve advice for her soccer game, which results in her injuring a boy she has a crush on, he also plays Cupid to set up Kyle, a young employee at his store, with Mandy.Heidi, Harry, Marty, Benny Jill wants Tim to undergo a vasectomy when they decide their family is complete. Joseph Whipp [ Kendall ] Brad and Tim get into a fight over Brad's new haircut and what type of engine to put into the hotrod.He agrees that they should talk to a doctor but when it is a woman, Tim wants to forget about it. Randy gets a part in his school's production of "Romeo and Juliet" and is less than enthusiastic over Jill's offer to help him rehearse.Marty Tim's visiting mother doesn't want to spend time with him but goes out with Tim's old shop teacher, Mr. Friends and family suggest that Tim might try talking about more personal matters with her. Heidi, Ilene Tim and Al get stranded in the airport on Christmas Eve on the way to a winter festival which Binford sponsors. Jill decides to take piano lessons, to the dismay of the rest of the family. Heidi, Harry, Marty, Benny Harry's Hardware becomes less of a refuge when Harry's wife comes to work there.

Bud Tim and Jill's relationship has been put on hold for almost a month and Jill is tired with it.They may be accessed by the "Bibliography" tab at the top of most pages, or via the "Related Topics" box in the sidebar.Please feel free to suggest books that might be critical omissions.Bonnie Hellman [ Bonnie ], Robert Gould [ Minister ] Jill has to go to a cousin's out-of-town wedding.