How to get the datakeynames value in the rowupdating event

For testing, you provide a repository object that works with data stored in a way that you can easily manipulate, such as class variables defined as collections.The following illustration shows the difference between a business-logic class that includes data-access logic without a repository and one that uses a repository.If you didn't complete the earlier tutorials, as a starting point for this tutorial you can download the application that you would have created.You can also download the application that is created by the complete tutorial series.You will begin this tutorial by making two changes to the database, both of which require corresponding changes to the data model that you created in the Getting Started with the Entity Framework and Web Forms tutorials.In one of those tutorials, you made changes in the designer manually to synchronize the data model with the database after a database change.Thanks & regards Hi There, So let me try to understand what you are doing.When you click the edit button on the gridview the dropdown lists are not linked?

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Hi Sean, My gridview has 3 dropdownlist, when I click the edit button, the all 3 dropdown list are must be in edit mode. Hi Sean, I had posted my code, please refer to my first comment. Anyway, I had put in some sample data into an excel file,please read the attached There are three ways you can work with data in the Entity Framework: . For information about the differences between these workflows and guidance on how to choose the best one for your scenario, see Entity Framework Development Workflows. This lets you combine the advantages of an n-tier approach with the benefits of using a Web Forms control for data access.Like the Getting Started series, this tutorial series uses the ASP. The control gives you more flexibility in other ways as well.In some that includes both business logic and data-access logic.