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In last 20 years, she was married to a soldier, 22, engaged to a 27 year old and she now dates a university student While her contemporaries collect their free bus passes, Laila can be found in nightclubs being approached by young professionals or holidaying with mates who are decades younger.In fact, she has often found herself to be the object of envy of younger women (pictured on holiday in Egypt last August)Laila was 55 at the end of her second marriage, but she regained her confidence by dating a man called Peter (pictured) who was just 28 years old. They were happily engaged for two more years after that until Laila had suspicions that Peter was cheating on her Laila also encourages other middle-aged women to consider dating toyboys.She says, 'Older women have everything they need in life. Nach seinem 10-jährigen Jubiläum kann man rückblickend feststellen, wie der i WEST® Dressur Cup reiterlich zu einer Marke gereift ist und fester Bestandteil der Baden Württembergischen und Bayerischen Turnierszene geworden ist.