I confronted youths that were intimidating

Defence case at trial concentrated upon the issue of provocation.

All offences were said to have been committed in circumstances of aggravation, the complainant being aged 13 at the time. He was convicted on the 2nd count & acquitted on all other counts.Niga: conspire to supply prohibited drug (heroin) - 6y with NPP of 4*y.Police intercepted telephone conversations between Niga & Riscuta, wherein it was agreed that Riscuta would hand over a quantity of heroin to Niga's brother-in-law to enable him to make a delivery.The brother-in-law arrived at Riscuta's unit & received 193 grams of heroin, a bus ticket, a piece of an envelope on which the delivery address was written & $500 in cash. Argument was led regarding evidence of appellant's ingestion of alcohol & Zoloft.

Admissibility of voice identification evidence - relevance - s.55(1) Evidence Act 1995 - probative value - whether trial judge's direction on voice identification evidence adequate - over-confidence in witness - whether witness' prior familiarity with voice identified amounted to unfair prejudice - s.137 Evidence Act - identification evidence - s.116 Evidence Act - whether summing up satisfactory - perverse verdict - execution of search warrant at night - Jones v Dunkel (1959) 101 CLR 298 - failure to call particular witness - operation of proviso to s.6(1) Criminal appeal Act 1912. ANDREWS, Stephen John - CCA, 6.2.2003Heydon JA, Hulme & Hidden JJCitation: R v Andrews [2003] NSWCCA 7Conviction and sentence appeal. Appellant killed his wife by firing shots from a .22 calibre rifle. There was expert evidence as to their effect upon appellant.

The syndicate's operations were the subject of extensive police surveillance over a 3 month period.

I confronted youths that were intimidating comments

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