Insane clown posse the dating game song

Howard said he was going to get both of them on the phone and have them debate who should get the money. Howard said if Gary says he's helping orphans in Africa then maybe he'll get the money. Howard said Wendy is hitting him up for money and so is Gary the Conqueror. Jason said he read that the documentary was horrible in a review. He said there had to be some music coming up and here was nothing. Robin said she was watching a movie called Dark Tourist this weekend. Howard said in a music documentary they usually have music. He said Gary loves artificial crab meat and there's a song parody about that by James Cargill. Howard said he went to watch his big screen TV and it didn't work. Howard said he came up with an idea to look for something to watch. He told Beth he had this Plex thing where he has this movie. He said he told Beth they were going to watch that. Howard said he just said ''Bill Bard.'' Jason said it again and did it again. He had Fred play some of Gary's throat clearing clips over it too. Jason said the song hasn't hit the Billboard charts yet. Jason said he spoke to his handler this morning and he was supposed to call in. He said whoever has the best argument for why they should get the money will win the money.

Jason read more of the review and Howard said don't watch it. Howard said he doesn't care how much Bowie paid for rent. Howard said she was talking about how ''we'' did this and that. Howard said this week they're doing a big Christmas special. Baba Booey asked how much time is going to be spent in porn rooms. He said that the rooms he goes into are something talk. He said they are naked when Howard asked about that. Howard said according to Sal he jerks off like a maniac.

Howard asked Gary if he ever masturbates to the girls in the chat. He said that they hired a guy to handle him and he told them that Gary is always masturbating in bed.

He said he and Beth watch ''This is Us.'' He said he shouldn't like it but they get him crying every time. He said he figured there was something wrong with the TV. Gary asked if they have explanations for this stuff. He did an impression of someone telling him what's wrong. Ronnie mentioned that Sal's wife was doing the shoveling this weekend. Sal said he can do it but she grabbed the shovel first. He said that they're doing a celebrity Karaoke while they're getting a prostate exam.