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I’m not getting paid a ton of money, but modeling is a passion. The only thing I do attribute to [the experience] is being recognized on the street and having more friends from all around the world. Was that your choice or were there other factors at play? did approach me and say, ‘Hey, you are openly gay, do you want us to focus on that? ' And I’m just like, ‘What part of me looks like I have kids or that I’m married to a woman?

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I think the show focused on him because he’s that guy that you would never know was gay. I remember the first time I met Janice in the agency in L. There are some times that I wish I would have been a little more crazy or shown a different side of my personality. And also knowing that no success story begins without a struggle. JS: From the friends I’ve made, the one amazing thing that I’ve gotten out of [reality TV] is [the knowledge] that… ’ I was more than happy to do that, but everything ended up on the editing floor as far as I know. – John Stallings Out male model John Stallings first caught the eye of television audiences with his sculpted, sinewy six-foot frame and oceanic blue eyes as a contestant on the short-lived but delectably testosterone infused Bravo reality series chest fest, Stallings, with his modeling dreams no longer deferred, went on to work the showrooms and runways of such fashion heavyweights as Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Perry Ellis and Viktor & Rolf. directly or indirectly, I’ve had some kind of inspiration on people coming out of the closet or going after their dreams without trying to conform to society. [Laughs] But this industry is so fickle and it does not guarantee you money all the time. There’s still to this day, people that come up to me and try to figure me out. Years ago i split up with a girlfriend and felt really dark, shitty and depressed (you know how that feels...).

I decided to escape the Berlin winter and my crap state of mind to the south of Portugal for a week and the day before i left, i bought "United", the first album by a new french band called Phoenix. The CD did not leave my Cd-player for a whole week (truth).

) deleted the post for copyright infringement reasons via Google/Blogger. I am not seeing them very often, but every contact or sign of existence makes me feel warm and happy.

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