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Three are Indians or of Indian and Black ancestry and two appear to be White or Syrian in descent”. The anonymous author of the Flair article does disclose that the students were not randomly selected after all: “Former principal of the school, Mrs.Elorine Walker said that when she got the request for the students, she had no idea what the picture would be used for, but had hand-picked a few students for the occasion”.Skewed against blackness In 1969, a two-dollar bill was issued when Jamaica changed from sterling currency. These same children, frozen in time, have reappeared to grace the back of the 2012 commemorative bank notes.Two Jamaican dollars then had real value, worthy of the paper on which the note was printed. Of course, I have nothing against these innocent children, now adults.Passing for Black Hand-picking continues today in our advertising industry.But it really doesn’t bother me too much if private-sector firms handpick exclusively ‘Out of Many, One’ models to advertise their products and services.Mugabe joined ZANU and was arrested in 1964 and detained indefinitely when both parties were banned by Prime Minister Ian Smith’s white racist regime.While in prison, Mugabe took several correspondence courses, earning more degrees from London University.

You would end up with 90 black children, 7 mixed-race, 1 Chinese, 1 Indian and 1 white. Of the eleven, four are Blacks, one Chinese and one of Chinese and Black mixture. They would be much more uniformly black, as in the photograph of the children on the huge commemorative banner now outside the gates of Jamaica House.His parents raised him in the faith and he attended Kutama College, an all-boys high school run by Jesuit priests. Mugabe then went to teach in Ghana where the p Portian-Africanist Kwame Nkrumah was prime minister.Fired up by the radicalism of the times, Mugabe returned to Southern Rhodesia in 1960 and became a member of the National Democratic Party (NDP).I try to keep reminding myself that Robert Mugabe was once a towering figure in the epic anti-colonial wars on the African continent.

These days, it’s so easy to dismiss him as a very senior citizen who really ought to withdraw from public life. But we shouldn’t ‘nyam up’ ourselves so much over his provocative generalisations about gender politics in Jamaica. In the 1920s when Robert Mugabe was growing up in what was then Southern Rhodesia, he was destined to become an obedient Catholic. After graduating in 1951 with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Fort Hare in South Africa, he became a lecturer at a Teacher Training College in Zambia.

And our advertising industry keeps on reinforcing that point.